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Making America Better

By using Amcorp, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - bring your business to the next state of profitability.


Cost Cutting

Here at Amcorp we cut out all the middle men "wholesalers" and go directly to the source of where your goods are currently getting manufactured.  We have a vast network of manufacturing facilities around the world that allow us to get the cheapest price possible for the goods that your business uses or sells to consumers.

Supply Chain

The way Amcorp can get you better prices on your goods for your business is by buying in bulk. This allows for you to have more control and access to the goods you need or sell!

Private Labeling

Instead of getting generic goods you can now customize your goods for cheaper than ever before. With every minimum order quantity (MOQ) we provide you with the option to have your company logos present on each good. Amcorp has a division dedicated to graphic design and product labeling which is at your access!

Customer Service

Amcorp is dedicated to outstanding customer service and therefore each customer is provided with there own personal representative. We do this because we believe every business is important and deserves to be able to ask any and every question at all times.

How AMCORP Works?

Amcrop is a one stop shop for how to grow your business and bring it to the next level. Here at Amcorp we do not just only manufacturing goods, but we have other tools including:

  • Marketing Team 

  • Videography/photography Team

  • Graphic Design Team

  • Shipping Logistics Team

  • Product Research and Development Team

These services are available for use with any of our customers. All of these additional programs do have costs associated with them, but this allows for you to be able to focus more on growing your business and less on the back end of the business. 

Paperwork & Agreement

When specific goods are made with your company we require 30% of the total order to be paid upfront in order start the manufacturing process. Once you receive your goods you will be required to pay in full!

Shipping & Freight

Amcorp uses FEDEX for all shipping that is done. You will be provided with a tracking number when products have been shipped from the country of origin. Shipping will be charged on your final invoice. We advise all of our customers to use our shipping by sea option in order to conserve cost, but if you would like to receive your products quicker we have the option to ship by Air. 


For all new product ideas we suggest that a sample product is made and shipped to you. This sample cost will be shipped by air so that you are able to receive the samples quicker. This cost will be paid by the customer. We can not guarantee the quality of any product that has not had a sample made.


If you would like to create a warranty on your goods we can create a warranty plan with you to replace goods that are damaged or not functioning correctly. This warranty agreement must be made before goods are made and shipped.


For all additional team resources there is a fee that is associated with each service.

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